The Spirit of An Entrepreneur

Hey Mama,

I see the work you’re doing. You’ve got the spirit of an entrepreneur. You’re looking for something – anything – to fuel that fire within you. You’ve got everything it takes to be an entrepreneur. You’re full of fire and passion and enthusiasm and determination. You’re willing to work like crazy for the right idea…

But you can’t seem to find the right idea.

Can I give you a bit of advice I wish someone had shared with me?

Don’t be afraid of yourself. You’re spending so much time looking at others ideas and successes that you’re paying thousands of dollars for courses on things that feel funny to you or things that just don’t sit quite right. You’re so close, but you’re missing a key ingredient: YOU.

I know it’s vulnerable. I KNOW how vulnerable it feels. You’re sitting on something within you that feels too raw to share with the world.

What is it? What’s that thing?

What’s the thing that excites you beyond all reason? What’s the thing you find so easy, because doesn’t everyone? What’s the thing that makes you feel alive? What’s the thing that energizes you in ways you can’t explain?

I’m guessing there’s something, or a combination of things, that is just too obvious for you to realize.

So step back for a hot second and think… Maybe write about it? Talk to someone about it?

Find that thing that is a little bit scary because it’s so vulnerable.

Look at your kids – they’ve each got something that makes them tick. You’re the same. I know it doesn’t feel like it – you’ve got a lot of other people telling you what to do. That mom-ness is hard to get through.

But I promise you, because you’ve got the desire to be an entrepreneur, you’ll find the right thing for you.

So let’s start at the beginning again…

Tell me: what do you do really well, to the point that it feels easy? And where do you wish you could change the world?

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