Our Mentors Are The Real Deal

Here's who you'll have guiding you on your journey.

Roxanne Merket

Mentor in: Websites, Digital Marketing, and Mental Health


Roxanne is a digital marketer turned micro-coach who helps moms recognize and care for the truest (and most forgotten) parts of themselves. She’s on a mission to help 1000 women start a business.

Military wife and mom of 2, Roxanne has been a digital marketer for over a decade. She’s the founder of Montmarena, a space for women who are discovering their entrepreneurial strength and need mentors and a community to support them. Roxanne also hosts the Reimagining Hustle podcast where she interviews guests about the intersection of parenting and entrepreneurship.

Roxanne has a Baccalaureate Degree in Marketing from the Huntsman School of Business, and a Masters Degree in Corporate Communication with an emphasis in corporate communication.

When she isn’t staring at her computer screen, Roxanne has an insatiable thirst for travel, adventure, and anything reasonably quirky. Her superpower is curiosity. She’s also an avid sports fan, studio musician, and collects national parks.

Something you might not know about me: I can make an incredibly delicious batch of fudge in 13 minutes.

Kate Rufener

Mentor in: Business Development, Sales Funnels, Innovation, Productivity & Organization, Managing a business while coping with recovery/anxiety

Hey there! I'm Kate.

I make workshops & guidebooks that give creative people the motivation and empowerment to change & tell their story. My diverse background - theater, education, trauma advocacy, writing, marketing, and communication - has provided a unique approach to change creation. I've learned that innovation and creativity are love languages. So, I ensure those are the primary foundations of every method and tool I provide.

Something you might not know about me: I attended the first-ever Quantum Leap convention and met Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell in person.

Eliya Finkelstein

Mentor in: Storytelling, Marketing, Business, Copywriter

[eh-lee-Yuh] [she/her]

Your stories are the gateway drug to the rest of your marketing. Let’s get people hooked on YOU.

I'm also a storyteller, marketing consultant, conversion copywriter and overall marketing unicorn. Basically, just like you, I'm a complex human trying to help others through what I do best which, for me, all starts with stories.

I help you find and tell your stories as the gateway to the rest of your marketing, pairing the art of storytelling with the science of marketing. I have worked with 7- and 8- figure entrepreneurs to amplify their impact in the world by grounding in their personal stories.

Also a mom, horsewoman, and avid reader. Homemade bread and Ira Glass are the way to my heart.

Something you might not know about me: I started my entrepreneurial journey at 15 by teaching horseback riding lessons and made my way up to the program manager.
I've told stories of NBC personalities, Ms. Connecticut USA, and Hall of Fame athletes... that have all made their parents cry.
I snuck into the barns at Kentucky Derby to meet the winner (don't tell.)
I'm the sole breadwinner in my family!

Sarah Khan

Mentor in: Strategy, Business Foundations, Systems, Team / Growth, Professional Development

Let's cut to the chase. Most professional bios are written in the third person, but I don't like that because it sounds too impersonal, too stuffy. And I'm anything but.

I'm Sarah, a sought-after business strategist and operations expert who works with female entrepreneurs ready to accelerate their growth by leveraging existing assets and strategically planning future investments.

What does that mean in plain speak? I make things make sense in your business using what you already have, and by helping you grow intentionally and with purpose. I get in the way of your FOMO. I keep your eyes on the prize. I bust through the BS of what you THINK you need, and direct you to what you really DO need. In short, I support you in making decisions and investments that will actually set your business up for success.

With over 20 years of corporate and higher education experience behind me, I bring a mix of strategy, integration and coaching to your business as a high level strategic partner to support you in achieving your business goals. Nothing about what I do is cookie-cutter or templated, and we never shoehorn your goals into an inflexible process.

In my spare time, I enjoy hanging out with my husband and daughters (sometimes), reading and drawing (most of the time), Netflixing (yes, it's a verb), and hoarding more pens than I will ever need (stop judging).

Something you might not know about me: I can wiggle my ears.

Priscilla D. Aguila

Mentor in: Authentic Visibility, Branding, Leading with (and Leaning into) the A-Ha's

Priscilla is the ingenious mastermind inspiring seriously playful celebrations through her Everyday Sillybrations social media posts. She is also a brand stylist and fashion accessory designer.

The origin of her Sillybrations stemmed from a random holiday celebrating french fries. It originally was meant to coincide with her retail convertible bow set business The Meet Cute Co., but has evolved into becoming part of her daily essential self-care. Tired of seeing the negative content on social media, she has committed to posting her Sillybrations on Facebook everyday (since August 1, 2020), to show her audience how there is always inspiration everywhere and something to celebrate. The Sillybrations can even spark a fond memory. Even if it is just french fries.

Something you might not know about me:

• Joy to me is a sweet fluffy cotton candy cloud. And I get to float on one every time I use my imagination.

• Because of my diminutive size (under 5'), my friends call me a pocket designer and a pocket fairy.

• Every single time I hear Whoopi Goldberg say, "Molly, you in danger, girl" (from the movie Ghost) I just lose it, and can't stop laughing. My most favorite movie line ever.

• Walking on Sunshine is my theme song. With Groove is In the Heart as a close second.

Taylor Mobley

Mentor in: Productivity, Efficiency, Systems, Processes, Onboarding, Trello

Taylor Mobley is a productivity & efficiency coach who specifically works with women entrepreneurs to streamline, automate + systemize their business. She has been working in this space for 6 years and her biggest mission is to help women be able to work their passions while staying home with their babies.

Something you might not know about me: My college degree is in Biochem..which might not look like it translates in to the business space - but I would argue that learning and doing SO many scientific processes + studies made me perfect for this role!

Steena Marie

Mentor in: Communication (literally any words coming out of your lips or finger tips), Relationships (personal, professional, and team), Writing (copy, creativity, messaging, etc.)

I consider myself the sassy best friend for hire who makes you wish you had a bleep out button in the middle of the coffee shop...but it hasn't always been that way.

I started out life as the good girl, living up to everyone else's standards. This looked like being the small town beauty queen, valedictorian, and cheerleader. My inner rebel began to emerge when I got married at nineteen and had a baby, two miscarriages, and another child by age twenty-three — with an unplanned c-section and HBAC to boot.

Through motherhood, divorce, dating, love, and entrepreneurship, I've learned the art of sexy success on my own terms and now I teach my clients how to create the same in their life and relationships.

From the beginning of my business, I’ve known that the key to helping women change their lives was to help them ‘think differently’ about themselves, their creativity, their stories, their families, and their careers.

I’ve been a coach for over 5 years and spent 3 years of my entrepreneurial journey copywriting for online business owners who have a message with an edge. My favorite client projects included writing up genius titles and tag lines as well as crafting compelling emails, blogs, and bios to foster integrity, connection, and authenticity online. I've also published three books of my own: Worship HER, Wet (an erotic poetry book), and Trigger Proof Your Life: Know When to Leave.

I blend bold, straight-talk coaching with Human Design and my ‘Energy Edit’ method of emotional kinesiology to support my clients in winning at life — their own way.

My motto is, “Scrap the pattern. Design your own life.”

My days are sprinkled with cold showers, power naps, keeping my family fed (I loooooove eating, cooking, and all things foodie), weight lifting/strength training, dance parties, and the occasional Mario Kart race with my kiddos. I’m a born and raised Michigander living in the middle of corn fields with my hunk of a soulmate, our kiddos, and (thank goodness) fiber optic high speed internet.

Something you might not know about me: I've sewn since I was 5, made 3 prom dresses, a couple of wedding gowns, and did a ton of bridal alterations in my early years as a SAHM. I imagined I'd be a famous fashion designer some day...who knows maybe I still will be 😉