Make YOUR name for yourself

Stop for just a moment. I know you’re hearing a lot of voices. A lot of folks with an opinion on your life. Folks who matter to you. Who you love. Who try and show you love as best they can. They mean well. But they love you so much they fear for you. 

You’ve gotta stop listening to their fear.

You know what you’re doing. But you’ve inhaled their fear for so long that it has become a part of YOUR identity.

Shake that off, love. You don’t need it.

It’s doing nothing for you.

I know you’re discouraged. I know what it’s like to stand behind a counter serving people for pennies all while dreaming and imagining and living a different world in your head.

I know you’ve got big dreams.

But you’re living in their fear.

Not yours.

So stop for a moment. Listen to YOUR heart. What’s it telling you? 

What whispers are longing to break free?

What dreams and ideas are aching to see the light of day? 

You’re smart. You’ve got big dreams.

What if you tried those dreams on for just a moment? 

What would happen if you took your life into your own hands? 

Stopped listening to the others? 

What if your strength were allowed to shine? If only for a moment?

What then? 

What if you surrounded yourself with others who were trying to grow their wings too? 

And what if you could be mentored by those already flying? 

No more fear. Just flight. 

When you’re ready, we are too. We’ll be here with you.

We’re with you as you make a name for yourself. As you make YOUR name for yourself.

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