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Montmarena is a space designed for strong women to interact. It’s a place where we lift and encourage and help others. A place where we can freely ask questions and get honest feedback.

We’re not after “Yes men.”

We’re after supportive women.

What's included in Montmarena?

It’s a space to debate and find inspiration. It’s a space where you have conversations.

It’s a space to “pick brains” and find courage to take action.

Your monthly membership to Montmarena includes the following:

What's expected of Montmarena members?

This is a village where you give as much as you take. We’re all in this together, afterall. 

As a member, use this rule of thumb:

Ask more questions.

This is a community built on curiosity and contribution.

We play by these rules:

Get in at the founders price of just $15 a month.

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