Montmarena Coaches show up for women stepping into the entrepreneurship world.

It’s lonely here, and horrifically masculine, and we’re in the world to change it.

You’ve got your own world you’re building, too. It should be easy for you to get involved, so here’s what this looks like:

Customers pay for monthly access to several coaches like you. To start, we’ll have a single coaching question each week answered by every one of the coaches. I’ll send this out in an email. I’ll also have them posted on a membership space on the website, and in a Facebook group too. (I’m ditching Circle for now to keep costs down.) I’d like to work up to more each week, but we gotta start somewhere, and this feels manageable.

Here’s what I’ll ask from you:

4 social media posts per month, in whatever form you’d like. Even if you just send me a voice memo with what you’d like to say, I can make a video/post from it. I’ll make sure everything gets scheduled out, as I’d like to feature wisdom from all our coaches regularly. We’ll rotate through all the posts on the Montmarena social channels. I’ll have a general theme with a few sub-topics to guide these posts. Social media posts should fall roughly into one of these topics: Business tips, Life coaching tips, Coping skills for business owners, Questions you wish were asked

SHORT answers to a coaching question per week. (I’m trying to keep it digestible and doable) I’ll send 4 questions to you at a time so I can batch for the upcoming month. At first, I’ll source questions from various Facebook groups I’m a part of. My goal is to get to the point that we have questions coming in from paying customers, but we’ve got to start with something, right? ? I’ll email you the questions, then format all our responses for email.

20-minute coaching session once every 4-6 weeks (depending on how many coaches participate.) Once a week we’ll have a coaching mini session – one of our customers will get to ask a single question to one of our coaches and have a 20-minute coaching session, recorded for everyone to watch/listen to. Ideally, we can do these via video chat, but I also totally respect and support if you’d rather do an audio call.

Monthly mastermind zoom calls. Once a month we’ll do an hour-long zoom call mastermind with a prearranged topic. I understand not all of us will be able to be on each of these calls, but I’d like for as many of the coaches to be there as possible. We’ll record these and have replays available for our paying clients.