Hey mama. I see you. Not all the hats you’re wearing, not your kids or your partner, but YOU. 

You’ve been told your whole life what to do. Told the boxes to check off, the checkpoints to reach. And you’ve done them. You’ve done a good job, too. Got married. Had babies. And somewhere along the line, you stopped living *your* life to tend to everyone else’s. 

I see the ache inside of you. The part of you that longs to be seen. You run yourself ragged taking care of everyone else. And you lie in bed at night wondering if this is all there is? What about all the things that used to bring you joy? What about all those things that used to light you up? 

You dream of running away. Of starting again. You’d never do it, of course. You love those humans in your care so.damn.much. But that voice inside of you thinks “What if….”

Who decided it had to be one or the other? 

Who decided you had to choose family OR passion? Children OR career? Others OR self?

Who decided you couldn’t change? Couldn’t grow? Couldn’t become a different version of you? 

Who decided you had to stay the same forever? 

I know, I know. It’s culture, right? It’s just some idea floating around us and we just assume it’s normal.

But it doesn’t have to be. You KNOW there’s more. You know it’s ok to normalize changing your mind and becoming someone better. You know there’s more within you. And you know you’ll probably be a better mom if you start listening to that tiny voice within you.

You know the voice… The one you buried deep? That you’ve gotten really good at ignoring? It’s that part of you that is fire and ferocity. It’s the part of you that has never had a place or  space or grace to just be. 

But she’s longing to get out. And you can’t keep ignoring that voice. As hard as you try you can’t keep ignoring it.

That idea you have lurking in the back of your brain? It’s a good one. It’s YOURS. And if you choose to foster it, you’re not a bad mom.

If you choose to grow something for you? You’re not a bad mom.

You’re not a bad mom. Period. 

You’re a mom who has forgotten to listen to herself. To the truest parts of herself. 

You’re a mom with good ideas and amazing people around her.

You’re a mom who cares so deeply that you forgot to care about yourself.

But it’s time. It’s YOUR time. That fire within you? It’s erupting. And you know you need to care for it. Or it will consume you. 

You’re ready for this moment. Everything in you has brought you here. You know how to care for yourself. You know how to care for your humans. And now? Now it’s time to do both. 

It’s no longer an OR. 

Now it’s an AND. 

Family AND passion. Children AND career. Others AND self.

You AND.

It’s time. You can go at your pace. You can go your way. But please, allow yourself to *go.*

Go make a difference.

Go improve your life.

Go change the world. 

We’ll be with you as you go.

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