Interested in becoming a Montmarena Mentor?

Montmarena is an exclusive community for strong, entrepreneur-minded women to learn, contribute, and be supported.

The community is hosted as a private group hosted on Users pay a monthly access fee.

Participants are required to ask questions regularly, contribute answers whenever possible, and aren’t allowed to pitch.

It’s a safe hive-mind. And every participant is vetted to make sure they’re the right fit.

The thing that sets Montmarena apart, though, is the presence of experts who contribute their wisdom, experience, and knowledge to the questions that come up.

Experts are allowed to pitch whenever they’d like, as long as they’re also contributing to the conversations happening. The goal is to get my experts more business and to give the participants access to brilliant minds in a comfortable, supportive, and approachable setting.

I'd love for you to be one of our experts.

Here’s a few things for you to know right away:

The goal is create a space for you to pitch everything you’re already doing. I want to establish you as the expert – the Go-To person in your field. I want this to be a space for you to establish trust with future clients. This should be a place where they get to know you in a really safe, supportive setting so when the time comes to purchase from you, it’s an easy yes.

I’ve run the numbers and can start paying you (and the other experts) as soon as we have 250 participants in the group. I have a pay schedule set up that allows me to pay you more as we get more participants. (I’m hoping you can bring in the right members of your community to participate here as well!)

I don’t expect you to be in the group full time. Ideally you’re in the group 4-8 times throughout the week (or more if you’d like) to answer questions. You’re certainly welcome to do more than that, but I don’t want this to take over your life.

I’m working on finding the right moderator who can keep an eye on the group and make it really easy for experts like you to answer questions relevant to your expertise.