The Spirit of An Entrepreneur

Hey Mama, I see the work you’re doing. You’ve got the spirit of an entrepreneur. You’re looking for something – anything – to fuel that fire within you. You’ve got everything it takes to be an entrepreneur. You’re full of fire and passion and enthusiasm and determination. You’re willing to work like crazy for the […]

Women Are People, Too

Glitter on a blue, gold, and purple background

<begin rant> Have you watched the LuLaRich documentary yet? It came out last week on Amazon Prime and let me tell you… It was INFURIATING. It was infuriating on a few levels… But episode 3 is the one that broke me.  I’ve been anti-MLM for a while, now. In fact, Montmarena doesn’t consider any MLM […]


Hey mama. I see you. Not all the hats you’re wearing, not your kids or your partner, but YOU.  You’ve been told your whole life what to do. Told the boxes to check off, the checkpoints to reach. And you’ve done them. You’ve done a good job, too. Got married. Had babies. And somewhere along […]

Make YOUR name for yourself

Stop for just a moment. I know you’re hearing a lot of voices. A lot of folks with an opinion on your life. Folks who matter to you. Who you love. Who try and show you love as best they can. They mean well. But they love you so much they fear for you.  You’ve […]

You are a warrior

You are a warrior, do you know that? You are brave and courageous and you are going to change your world AND your life at the same time. But you don’t have to do it all at once. So take a moment and breathe with me for a second. Just a few deep breaths. In, […]

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