A community mentored
by brilliant coaches

For entrepreneur-minded women who are ready to change their world


A community mentored
by brilliant coaches

For entrepreneur-minded women who are ready to change their world

Start (& grow) your business.
Change your life.

A woman's time, energy, and space is sacred.

So when you decide to use your space
- your time, your energy, your resources -
to do something world-changing, you need a cheer squad & support team behind you.

What if you didn't have to Pay to Play?

Imagine having decades of expertise and millions of dollars of access
at your fingertips for a FRACTION of the price.


Imagine learning from women who have done it THEIR way
– in a ton of ways –
with the space and support to help you find YOUR way.


Imagine having a support network to lean on
that’s diverse and called towards the same mission as you –
A network to collaborate with and get feedback from.

Montmarena opens September 12, 2022

The hardest part about starting a business?

Feeling like you have no idea what you're doing.

You are a strong woman. You do so many things. Your friends tell you you’re that person… You know the type. The one that embodies the idea “if you want to get something done, ask a busy person.”

You’re also resourceful. You know how to ask for help, and you turn to the right people. You don’t listen to just anyone – and you also don’t take anyone’s word as law.

You’re thorough in your research, yet efficient and decisive.

And you’re ready to lift and help others as you each go on an entrepreneurial journey.

You’re ready to join a space that isn’t for pitching, it’s for growth.

A space where you can safely ask questions. Where no question is dumb.

We all come from different levels of learning and different backgrounds of expertise. So questions are encouraged.

No one should be made to feel as though they are dumb for not knowing. How else do we grow?


Montmarena is the space where questions and curiosity are the highest currency.


Montmarena was built to be a space where strong women can interact. It’s a place where we lift and encourage and help others. A place where we can freely ask questions and get honest feedback.

It’s a space to discuss and find inspiration. It’s a space where you have conversations.

A place to humanize (and womanize) entrepreneurship.

You’re a strong woman who is ready to step into her power.

You’re ready for the support of other strong women.

And you’re ready to make a difference in your world

So how does it work?

Join the community

Our community is made up of entrepreneur-minded women like you, looking for a community to support their growth.

Get access to mentors

Our growing panel of experts is here to mentor you along the way. Ask questions - these amazing women are here to help, guide, and mentor you.

Start (& grow) your business

Participation is the rule around here. Ask questions, offer insight, share your knowledge. We're here to help you as you change your world.

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